EPAG Ltd. has established in June 2001 in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is included in a group of Companies PAG-EPAG performing protection, development and promotion of Intellectual Property and New Technologies in former USSR countries and all over the world.

Development Objects

  • concentration of Intellectual resources;
  • effective protection and management of industrial property;
  • development and use of advanced technologies;

In order to achieve the started objects we attract leading specialists from various fields,use experience and material resources of leading enterprises and establishments,and carry out efficient patenting and licensing.

 The main fields of using the developed technologies in medicine:

  •  diagnostic technologies
  •  clinicalmedicine;
  •  prophylaxis and prevention of diseases of epidemiological nature;
  •  sportsmedicine;
  •  restorative and health-improving medicine;
  •  improvement of the life quality of elderly people;

We are promoting several projects of creation of new innovative technologies.